Mentoring for TWCF Grantees to Sustain Academic and Professional Development​


Director: Jennifer E. Lansford

Institution: Duke University

The goal of this project is to pair TWCF’s Global Innovations for Character Development (GICD) grantees nearing the end of their funding period with international senior mentors whose research interests and expertise are aligned with those of the grantees to provide ongoing professional development. Led by project director Jennifer E. Lansford of Duke University, this funding will help sustain grantees’ scholarship beyond the period covered by the TWCF grant. Six mentors will be paired with six mentees who are selected from the 29 current TWCF-GICD grantees. Each of the respected scientist mentors have experience working with international teams, disseminating findings in academic and non-academic circles, and providing professional development support to junior scholars.


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