Contextualising Science Instruction Within Philosophy and Faith ​

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  • Project Duration:

    November 1, 2017 - October 31, 2020

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    Big Questions

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    North America

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Director: J. Carroll Smith

Institution: Charlotte Mason Institute

Many Christian-school teachers and homeschooling parents employ methods inspired by the work of Charlotte Mason, an early twentieth-century British educator. This project seeks to further encourage the integrative thinking advocated by Charlotte Mason, particularly across science, philosophy and theology.

Charlotte Mason championed a whole-person approach to education that incorporated hands-on learning, outdoor experiences, Bible study, and explicit instruction in character virtues. Mason also embraced the natural sciences as she saw the natural world as a second form of God’s revelation. This project will develop new curricula and teacher-training materials that situate the study of the natural sciences within the larger framework of the search for answers to big philosophical and theological questions.


  • Elementary, middle, and high school curricula in age-appropriate sciences
    • Elementary and middle school lessons will focus on hands-on activities that help students build a relationship with the natural world and acquire the skills of observation, patience, and open-mindedness.
    • High school lessons will also incorporate hands-on work, but will focus primarily on situating the study of science as a useful source of information in contemplating the big questions of philosophy and theology.
  • A companion curriculum exploring the biblical basis for the coexistence of nature and scripture as sources of divine revelation
  • Custom software to aid in the implementation of all curricula
  • Lesson plans
  • A national teacher-training conference at Asbury Theological Seminary in June 2020
    • This conference will attract 400-500 Christian-school teachers and home educators.
  • A professionally designed marketing and outreach campaign


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