Caribbean Smart Climate Map

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  • Project Duration:

    December 15, 2021 - December 14, 2022

  • Core Funding Area:

    Other Charitable Purposes

  • Region:

    North America

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Director: Keisha Farnum

Institution: Caribbean Smart Climate Accelerator

The Caribbean Smart Climate Accelerator has developed a Climate-Smart Zone (CSZ) Roadmap. The main objective of the CSZ Roadmap is to bring to life the vision of Caribbean leaders for more resilient economies and societies with an actionable path to achieve it. This will involve defining in measurable detail what a climate-smart zone is and charting the course to getting there, respecting the region’s experience and expertise in managing climate disasters, as well as the multitude of stakeholders with critical interests in the region. The roadmap will serve to help align key actors behind targets and provide specific climate action guidance for philanthropists, investors, and other partners, while actively supporting government initiatives.


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