The Power of Information

The Power of Information Initiative explores, through science and philosophy, the concept of information and its utility for understanding a wide variety of physical and biological processes. Over the past five years, the foundation has supported path-breaking research projects totalling over $20M.

By engaging both emerging leaders and established investigators in a breadth of disciplines, the goal of the initiative is to make transformational discoveries that revolutionize our understanding of the natural world in which we live.

Our goal in this initiative is to consolidate evidence from the natural sciences that information may be a “basic invisible reality.” For example, by showing how information serves as resource or fuel at both biological and quantum scales.

Power of Information Fellows

Example Projects

Topics explored through this initiative include the following:

  • Neural information and causal responsibility;
  • Constructor theories of information and their application to thermodynamics, the physics of time, and quantum information;
  • Indefinite causal order in quantum mechanics;
  • Quantum information thermodynamics in nanoscale devices;
  • Universal codes for information processing across diverse scales of biological organization;
  • The relations between biological information and biological function;
  • The non-equilibrium thermodynamics of information.