Why Open Science?

To create more rigorous and more accessible science, TWCF will focus a multi-part webinar series on helping our partners, grantees and potential applicants benefit from the best practices in open science. As the host, TWCF will bring a multitude of Open Science experts together.

Upcoming Webinars

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Past Webinars


Protocols.io - Bring structure to your research

Watch here

Learn about protocols.io: a secure platform for developing and sharing reproducible methods.  Emma Ganley from protocols.io for joined us for this brilliant discussion. 


Pre registration in the wild

Pre-registering research 'in the wild'

Watch here

Hear from Accelerating Research on Consciousness Grantees Biyu He and Liad Mudrik as they discuss their views on open science in general and preregistration more specifically. They also share their tips on preregistering research.

Open Science Webinar Series - Preregistration

Benefits of pre-registration for the researcher and the research

Watch here

Expert from the Center for Open Science, David Mellor, joined us for our fifth webinar in our Open Science Webinar series to present on an open science tool - preregistration. He delves into the benefits of preregistration for the research and the researcher.


Sharing Data

Watch here

Experts, Mark Musen, Principal Investigator of the Center for Expanded Data Annotation and Retrieval (CEDAR), and Mark Hahnel, CEO and founder of Figshare, explain why you should share your research data and dive into how you can do it. 


Sharing Research Articles

Watch here

Experts Joe McArthur from OA.Works and Kristen Ratan from Strategies for Open Science, explain why you should share your research articles and dive into how you can do it.

Open Science Webinar Series Banner

Overcoming the knowledge barrier. Getting started with open science and knowing where to go

Watch here

In this webinar, David Mellor and Zach Loomas from the Center for Open Science gives you practical knowledge about open science, and to pass on resources and tools to help you make your science open. 

The resources and the information shared in this webinar can be found on an Open Science Framework (OSF) project page here.


The why of open scholarship: TWCF’s perspective

Watch here

Dawid Potgieter, Director of Programs in Discovery Science at TWCF, discussed the importance of open science from the Foundation's perspective, including a discussion on our Open Access Policy.

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