Human Flourishing

Templeton World Charity Foundation supports a diverse group of researchers to discover new knowledge, develop new tools, and launch new innovations that make a lasting impact on human flourishing.

We support projects that will form a robust pipeline of innovations aimed at improving key aspects of human flourishing. Our strategy is not just about making interesting discoveries but also about translating those discoveries into practices that can be rigorously tested and launched for the benefit of individuals and communities.

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Our Approach and Current Initiatives

Templeton World Charity Foundation supports the world’s best minds and promotes open-minded inquiries in a wide range of fields. We work with top institutions and leading experts from around the world.

The majority of our grants are in specific initiatives—portfolios of projects oriented towards a common set of goals. Templeton World Charity Foundation’s current initiatives are listed below, with links to further information for each.


DI seeks to enhance our understanding of the constellation of intelligence and humans’ place within it.

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Accelerating Research on

ARC seeks to advance the science of consciousness by promoting adversarial collaboration and open science practices.

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Big Questions in

BQiC seeks to develop teachers’ and students’ understanding of how knowledge works, particularly in science and religious education.

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Global Innovations for
Character Development

GICD seeks to promote and measure character strengths among individuals and communities worldwide through scientifically grounded innovations.

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Proposal Guidance and Related Information

Templeton World Charity Foundation funds a wide range of projects in science, theology, philosophy, and human society. Whatever the topic, all research is conducted at the highest standard of evidence and scholarship. We also support dissemination projects aimed at stimulating intellectual humility, curiosity, and enthusiasm for new discoveries.

For guidance about what we fund, go to the individual initiative pages or read about our other funding areas below. For general information about proposals and other information, see our FAQ page

Other Work We Support

In addition to its initiatives, Templeton World Charity Foundation gives grants in other funding areas:

  • Big Questions: Understanding the universe and humanity’s place within it is core to our mission. The Big Questions funding area promotes an open-minded willingness to find new information through different perspectives.
  • Character Virtue Development: Projects in this area explore character strengths such as compassion, creativity, curiosity, diligence, empathy, entrepreneurship, forgiveness, generosity, gratitude, honesty, hope, humility, humor, integrity, joy, kindness, love, optimism, perseverance, responsibility, self-regulation, selflessness, and wisdom
  • Genius: We support programs that identify or nurture genius, as well as projects that research contributing factors to genius.
  • Genetics: We support innovative projects in genetics, particularly those that contribute to flourishing or advance the role of humanity in a creative universe.
  • Voluntary Family Planning: We support research projects and practical tools around the world that promote equitable, accessible, and voluntary use of family planning methods.
  • Individual Freedom and Free Markets: Freedom is necessary for a healthy, prosperous, and ethical society. We support projects that explore individual freedom, free markets, free enterprise, and entrepreneurship with the ultimate aim of improving society.