Grants that include more than 10% of Travel and Lodging expenses for people who are not employed by the host organization

For grants, the Foundation has strict limits for funding travel and lodging costs associated with anyone who is not employed by the Legal Organization of the Grant, such as a Project Co-Leader at another institution or a conference presenter from another institution.  In general, the Foundation does not fund projects with budgets that exceed 10% travel and lodging costs for persons not employed by the Legal Organization.  

Grants that include expenses for first-class or business class travel. 

Grant funds can not cover first-class or business travel.

Grants with a budget that includes more than 15% Overhead

In general, the Foundation does not fund projects with budgets that have more than 15% costs for overhead. The Foundation understands overhead as general overhead and administrative expenses that support the entire operations of a grantee and are incurred for common or joint objectives. Expenses that would be incurred regardless of whether the grant is funded are often indicative of overhead costs.

Grants that fund Real Estate, Endowment & Art

The Foundation does not generally provide financial support to fund buildings or real estate holdings, endowments, artistic productions or purchases, or the purchase of equipment except in those cases where the requested equipment is deemed a vital and necessary component of a project that is otherwise consistent with the Foundation’s funding mandates. 

Grants that are longer than 36 months in duration

Except under special circumstances, the Foundation generally does not fund projects that are more than 36 months in duration.

Renewal or follow-on grants that do not have more than 50% of co-funding

The Foundation is not permitted to make follow-on or renewal grants to existing projects that are larger than USD 234,811 unless they have a robust plan for at least 50% of co-funding. The co-funding sources must not be from Templeton World Charity Foundation, Templeton Religion Trust, John Templeton Foundation, or individuals or entities that receive more than one-third of their revenue from any combination of these sources.


The Foundation does not make grants or donations to individuals.