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Holistic Teaching of Science in the Muslim World

The Holistic Science Teaching project has the potential to be a groundbreaking innovation in science education in the Muslim World. It was designed...

Key Moments in History – a Fossil Hunter’s Story: Teaching Resources and Professional Development to Support Knowledge and Understanding of Big Ideas of Science Education

The Association for Science Education will produce a short film about legendary British fossil collector Mary Anning.

Tarbiyya: Applying Indigenous Character Training Strategies to Improve Resilience

Resilience mitigates adverse health outcomes caused by toxic stress, enabling individuals and particularly children to adapt despite challenges...

Fulfillment at the frontlines of healthcare delivery: Enhancing a sense of purpose among Frontline Health Workers delivering care to women and children in under-served communities in Sindh, Pakistan

Without thriving Frontline Health Workers (FHWs), Pakistan’s maternal and child health goals are unachievable. Directed by Subhash Chandir, Global...

Istijarah: An Islamic-based character development approach to confront mental health crises in the Arab region

Taghyeer Organization aims to improve the mental health outcomes of young people in the school system in Jordan, especially refugees and those...

Fasting and Flourishing: A Comparative Analysis

In this multi-method, multi-year research project, the effects of religious fasting during Yom Kippur, the 'Day of Atonement' considered the...

Accelerating Global Spiritual Innovation

Sacred Design Lab seeks to map the global landscape of spiritual innovation; propose a working definition of spiritual innovation; and identify...

Creating the Sacred from the Profane: The Psychological Mechanisms, Moderators, and Outcomes of Mass Singing Events Held by Koolulam

This project aims to elucidate the impact of collective singing on wellbeing. A mix of field and lab studies will be used to explore collective...

“How Knowledge Works” in British Science and Religious Education: Considering the Impact of Big Questions in Classrooms ​