Andrew Serazin D.Phil.

As President of the Templeton World Charity Foundation, Andrew Serazin is responsible for all aspects of the Foundation’s philanthropic activities as well as effective stewardship of its financial resources. As a researcher, entrepreneur, and executive, Dr. Serazin has worked to bring scientific and technical advances to bear on some of the world’s most pressing challenges.

Dawid Potgieter, D.Phil.

Dawid Potgieter is the Director of Programs in Discovery Science at the Templeton World Charity Foundation. He is responsible for the foundation's new initiatives in the Discovery phase: a $40M effort to develop field-leading interdisciplinary research topics related to 'what it means to be human'. This includes developing new initiatives and grant proposals in a wide range of areas, such as natural sciences, philosophy, and public outreach activities.

Tracey Farquharson, Ed.D.

Tracey Farquharson is a Program Officer at Templeton World Charity Foundation. She is responsible for the day-to-day operational activities of the Foundation, including annual planning of strategic initiatives, and grant development. Tracey is currently working on the Global Innovations in Character Development.


Marie Souder

Marie Souder began working with Sir John Templeton in 1985 as Secretary. Over the years at Templeton, Galbraith & Hansberger Ltd., she has served as Secretary to Sir John, Assistant to CFO Martin Flanagan, Assistant to Mark Holowesko, and Executive Assistant to CEO Thomas L. Hansberger. Marie joined First Trust Bank Ltd. as Sir John’s assistant after his term as Chairman Emeritus of Franklin Templeton. She began working with the Foundation in 1995 and is the Corporate Secretary and a Grant Administrator for the Foundation.

Kristin Eldon Whylly, MSc

Kristin Eldon Whylly is a Program Associate (Project Manager) at Templeton World Charity Foundation where she supports the wider program team by coordinating the multiple initiatives, tracking and monitoring ongoing projects and assisting with all aspects of proposal development and grant management.

Zeleka Knowles

Zeleka Knowles is a Program Associate with Templeton World Charity Foundation where she supports various program teams and contributes to The Foundation's communication effort.