External Advisors

Andrew Briggs

Andrew Briggs directs the services provided by the University of Oxford for the Templeton World Charity Foundation, where he serves as Principal Advisor for the Power of Information initiative. He is the inaugural holder of the Chair in Nanomaterials at the University of Oxford. His research interests focus on nanomaterials for quantum technologies and their incorporation into practical devices. He uses similar techniques for experimental tests of the boundaries of non-classical behavior in materials. He has served as a member of the International Board of Advisors of the John Templeton Foundation.

Bonnie Poon Zahl

Bonnie Poon Zahl is the Principal Advisor for the Big Questions in Classrooms initiative, and also provides consultation to the foundation on other areas of grantmaking. She is a Senior Research Coordinator at the University of Oxford.

Michael Bloom

Michael Bloom, CEO of Now You Know Media, Inc., is the Principal Advisor for Communications, and also provides strategy and grantmaking consultation to the foundation. Michael and his Now You Know Media team produce multimedia lecture courses with renowned university professors and distribute them worldwide. He and his colleagues also provide strategy, market research, media, and communications consulting services to universities and foundations. Michael previously served as the CMO of PBS Teacherline, the leading provider of distance learning courses for K–12 teachers.

Pranab Das

Pranab Das is the Principal Advisor for the Diverse Intelligences initiative. He is currently Professor of Physics at Elon University. Pranab’s current research collaborations include a project focusing on the “active matter” found inside living cells. That project, “Emergence of Cytoplasmic Dynamics Using Active Matter: A Biokleptic Approach to Quantifying the Matter of Life” (Blair, Das, and Dogic), brings scientists and philosophers together to consider the implications of this ubiquitous but extraordinary stuff for contemporary approaches to materials and materialism. Earlier in his career, he specialized in the dynamics of neural network architectures.

Syman Stevens, D.Phil.

Syman Stevens is an advisor to the President supporting the planning and implementation of foundation strategy.

Ellen Morgan, M.Phil.

Ellen Morgan is the Principal Advisor for Global Innovations for Character Development Initiative.  She supports the identification, development, and evaluation of high-potential research and implementation projects related to this Initiative.