Photo of Pranab Das

Pranab Das

Principal Advisor for the Diverse Intelligences initiative

Pranab Das is the Principal Advisor for the Diverse Intelligences initiative.

He is currently Professor of Physics at Elon University. Pranab’s current research collaborations include a project focusing on the “active matter” found inside living cells. That project, “Emergence of Cytoplasmic Dynamics Using Active Matter: A Biokleptic Approach to Quantifying the Matter of Life” (Blair, Das, and Dogic), brings scientists and philosophers together to consider the implications of this ubiquitous but extraordinary stuff for contemporary approaches to materials and materialism. Earlier in his career, he specialized in the dynamics of neural network architectures.

He previously served as the Executive Editor of the International Society for Science and Religion’s Library Project. That program selected more than 200 key texts spanning all areas of science and spirituality and distributed complete sets of volumes to 150 educational institutions worldwide. Previously, he headed the Global Perspectives on Science and Spirituality program, a multiyear, multimillion dollar project to identify and support non-Western contributions to the science and spirituality dialogue. Pranab is a member of the board of trustees of the International Society for Science and Religion and has served as a member of the International Board of Advisors of the John Templeton Foundation. His background and interests include neural networks, computational dynamics, soft condensed matter, and the history and philosophy of science.