Jeffrey Schloss, Ph.D.

Jeffrey Schloss is T.B. Walker Chair & Distinguished Professor of Biology at Westmont College in Santa Barbara, California. He received his Ph.D. in ecology and evolutionary biology from Washington University and has taught at the University of Michigan, Wheaton College, and Jaguar Creek Tropical Research Center. Dr. Schloss has been a Danforth Fellow, a Crosson Fellow in Philosophy of Religion at Notre Dame, a Plumer Fellow at St. Annes College Oxford, and a Witherspoon Fellow in Science & Religion at the Center for Theological Inquiry. He has served on the editorial and advisory boards of numerous journals relating science and religion, including: Religion; Brain and Behavior; ScienceReligion and Culture; The Journal of Theology & Science; Science & Christian Belief; Science & Theology News; and Science & Spirit. His two-fold interests are in the effects of religious worship on human flourishing and the philosophical / theological implications of evolutionary theory for our understanding of moral cognition, altruism, and human nature. Collaborative projects on these issues include Altruism and Altruistic Love: Science, Philosophy, and Religion in Dialogue (with Stephen Post, et al, 2002, Oxford University Press); Research on Altruism & Love (with Post, et al, 2003, Templeton Foundation Press); Evolution and Ethics: Human Morality in Biological and Religious Perspective (with Philip Clayton, 2004, Eerdmans), The Believing Primate: Scientific, Philosophical and Theological Perspectives on the Origins of Religion (with Michael Murray, 2010, Oxford), and Understanding Moral Sentiments: Darwinian Perspectives? (with Hilary Putnam and Susan Neiman, Transaction, 2014).