Our Mission

Humans have distinct—and remarkable—intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual capacities. Templeton World Charity Foundation funds interdisciplinary research on what it means to be human.  We also support work to translate discoveries into practical innovations that enhance our positive and distinctive capacities that are at the core of human flourishing and well-being.

Our People

Ambitious but humble, global but local.

United by a common vision, our team members have diverse backgrounds and perspectives. Following Sir John’s commitment to open-mindedness, we support boundary-breaking projects worldwide.

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Our Founder

“How little we know, how eager to learn.”

In 1996, TWCF was founded by Sir John Marks Templeton (1912–2008). Born to humble beginnings, he became one of the greatest stock pickers of his generation. But his most towering achievements were his philanthropic efforts to advance human knowledge and progress.

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Our Core Values

Today, Templeton World Charity Foundation funds projects around the world that embody the dynamic and forward-looking vision espoused by our founder, Sir John Templeton. We support rigorous scholarship and transparency in research. By funding both emerging and established experts across disciplines, we support wide-reaching topics that engage thought leaders and the general public on a global level. The following core values are at the heart of our identity and the work we fund:

Seek a Global Perspective

We constantly seek out voices and ideas from across the world. Geographic and cultural diversity is a strength.

Make Spiritual Progress Possible

We celebrate the spiritual dimension of life in which truth, meaning, and purpose are central to human progress.


Promote Breakthrough Discovery

We support open science and scientific advances that redefine the frontier of human knowledge.

Think Like a Start-Up

We cultivate bold and ambitious thinking with a minimum of bureaucracy. We encourage taking risks for greater rewards.

Embrace Difference

We value open-minded collaboration across disciplines and a radical embrace of others who think differently.

Create Positive Impact for People

We strive to help individuals live better, more purposeful lives with practical tools and relevant information.