Frequently Asked Questions

I have an idea that may fit the TWCF funding criteria; what should I do?

TWCF does not currently accept unsolicited proposals, and if you contact us, we may not be able to respond to your query.

Is funding restricted to a particular academic discipline or geographical region?

No, TWCF supports activities across academic disciplines and geographical regions.

I currently run a project that is funded by TWCF. Can I apply for a new TWCF grant to continue this project when my current grant expires?

Not normally. However, one project might lead to a new, distinct proposal that builds upon the findings of the first, if the new project would investigate substantially different Big Questions and use different methodology or protocols. If you would like to continue your project, then it is possible to apply for up to 50% co-funding from TWCF, provided that the remainder of the project funding does not come from any other foundation established by Sir John Templeton. Plans for renewal or follow-up funding must be submitted at least six months prior to the expiration of the current grant.

Does TWCF support research of a particular religion or culture?

TWCF supports projects that aim to discover new spiritual information. Such projects may involve conducting research on religions and cultures. However, research for (or on) a particular religion or culture is normally supported only if the findings can benefit a broader audience.

Does TWCF support research on religious texts?

Studies of religious texts will not normally be funded unless the purpose is to generate new information in the subject areas described in “What We Fund.” For example, we might fund projects that compare different scriptural traditions, conduct new philosophical and theological analysis, or integrate scriptural insights with discoveries from contemporary science.

Does TWCF fund projects aimed at artistic or musical geniuses?

TWCF funding in the genius category is restricted to cognitive genius, and excludes artistic or musical genius.