Distribution of TWCF Funding for Other Core Areas

TWCF supports the cultivation of rare cognitive geniuses whose work can bring benefits to human civilization. In this context, geniuses are not simply those who are classified as such by psychometric tests. Rather, they are those who: (1) generate significant mathematical, scientific, technological, and spiritual discoveries and inventions that benefit humanity or have the potential to transform human civilization, and (2) show exceptional cognitive ability, especially at an early age. In general, TWCF is interested in projects that fall within the following categories:

The Identification of Geniuses

Projects under this category may include local or international programs that seek to identify or recognize geniuses and potential geniuses (e.g., talent searches and awards for discovery, innovation, or entrepreneurship).

The Nurture and Multiplication of Geniuses

Potential projects include educational programs for geniuses or potential exceptional geniuses, especially (but not restricted to) children and young people in either category; research on such educational programs; research on the creative ways to increase the benefits of geniuses to humanity; research on why some promising cognitive geniuses identified by psychometric testing failed to make significant discoveries or advances; and non-stipendiary fellowship programs for geniuses, particularly those who graduate from college before the age of 18.

Factors That Contribute to Genius

Potential projects may investigate the genetic factors contributing to genius, and the cultural and nurturing factors that engender geniuses who contribute to such cognitive virtues as diligence, constructive thinking, and noble purposes.

Eligible projects may include research on the benefits of various attributes of geniuses to humanity, biographical studies of individual geniuses, comparisons of groups of geniuses with various levels of cognitive abilities, and projects that facilitate the spread of creative insights, discoveries, and original ideas of geniuses. Ineligible projects include focus on physical, musical, or artistic geniuses; spelling bees; geniuses with spectacular memory; and scholarships for geniuses.