Our Work

Our motto is: “How little we know, how eager to learn”, which reflects the Foundation’s support for:

  • Open-minded inquiry that advances human progress through breakthrough discoveries and applications with truly global perspectives;
  • Effective dissemination of breakthroughs to key audiences so that imagination and curiosity may be stimulated by these discoveries;
  • Development of individual freedom and character virtues that are conducive to human flourishing.

Core Funding Areas

TWCF is enthusiastic about funding:

  • Ideas that fall within the Core Funding Areas;
  • Empirical research conducted at the highest scholarly standards;
  • New ideas that are innovative, progress-orientated, and previously untested;
  • Open-minded inquiry and engagement that encourages people to approach the Big Questions with humility;
  • Projects that are cost-effective and have potential for extraordinary impact.

TWCF typically does NOT fund:

  • Unsolicited proposals;
  • Proposals declined for funding by the John Templeton Foundation or the Templeton Religion Trust;
  • Projects likely to last more than three years;
  • Advocacy of any particular religion or dogma;
  • Proselytising activities that seek to curtail freedom of belief and open-minded inquiry;
  • Projects that only involve the study of religious texts;
  • Projects aimed at hostility towards religion, or that promote reductionist materialism;
  • Pseudo-science, or methodology without strong empirical basis;
  • Contributions to endowments;
  • Support for brick and mortar buildings, or other capital projects;
  • Charitable work or research that already receives widespread financial support from other sources;
  • Established charitable endeavors and humanitarianism;
  • Historical projects, unless such a project is done for the sake of clarifying some non-historical question that falls within the scope of eligible topics;
  • Investigations into free competition in the areas of popular culture, the arts, and sports.