Our Goals

Sir John Templeton founded the Templeton World Charity Foundation, Inc. (TWCF) in 1996 with the motto “How little we know, how eager to learn”. He wanted to support the discovery of new spiritual information and promote spiritual research to increase as rapidly as medical research did in the 20th century.

TWCF serves as a philanthropic catalyst for:

  • Discoveries relating to the Big Questions of life and the universe, in areas of science, theology, philosophy, and human society;
  • The application of these discoveries to bring about widened meaning and purpose in ways that lead to further downstream questions that are suitable for scientific investigation;
  • The discovery of answers to these Big Questions in ways that produce personal and societal benefits via mental, moral, and spiritual empowerment at individual and group levels;
  • Enabling, through rigorous testing and critical analysis, timeless universal truths to become better understood, more relevant, and more productive of enduring wisdom.

Supporting open-mindedness and scholarly inquiry

The Foundation therefore funds a wide range of projects, but requires that they be conducted to a high academic standard. TWCF often supports dissemination projects aimed at stimulating intellectual humility, curiosity, and enthusiasm for new discoveries. Many TWCF projects aim to overcome passivity and fatalism, and to encourage good character virtues. To find out more about the TWCF funding categories, click here.

The Foundation proactively seeks out organizations and individuals with which to partner, but currently does not accept unsolicited enquiries or proposals for funding.